At our Academy, we separate out classes by age and rank. If you are a beginner you will be in a class that only has beginners in it. All the intermediate and advanced students are in different classes. That means that everything we work on in a beginner’s class is directed just at your ability and needs.


We have four sets of beginning classes separated by age. Beginning Super Kids for ages 5 and 6. Beginning Kids for ages 7 and up. And Beginning teens for ages 12 and up. Lastly Beginning Adults.


We love what we do and everything is focused on our student needs. Beginning karate is very easy and we have graduated expectations as you advanced. 


Leadership Team
Leadership Team is only about 2% of our total class enrollment. These people are what we call "The Best of the Best" they take a 16 hour class on how to teach martial arts and also come to a class every week on Mondays just to practice teaching under the instructions of Sensei Pollman, Sensei April Clayton and Sensei Keefer Royalty. This class is by invation only and it is tuition free.

Chris Pollman

Chris Pollman is our beloved leader. Known as "Sensei" meaning "Teacher" He started his martial arts career in 1967. He studied Okinawan Karate-Do with Ichiro Takahata. He competed for many years in tournaments in Oklahoma and surrounding states. He is a Board of Director member of Budo-Kai International. Also, of the Joe Lewis Fighting System's Advisory Board.


April Clayton

April is our Head Instructor. She is constantly moving, and always smiling. She been training in martial arts for 28 years and teaching for 27; attended SWOSU and studied Early Childhood Development, Child Psychology, Adolescent Psychology, and Kinesiology.

Philip Rose

Philip has been with Chris Pollman karate academy for 16 years. He earned his fourth-degree Black Belt June 19th, 2019. He spent five years active duty in the Navy and every single vacation day he took was back here in Weatherford, at the Karate Academy. He is currently attending SWOSU studying entrepreneurship.

Keefer Royalty

Keefer Royalty has taken karate here since 2002. He is a third degree Black Belt under Chris Pollman and teaches as a full time instructor. 

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