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At our Academy, we separate out classes by age and rank. If you are a beginner you will be in a class that only has beginners in it. All the intermediate and advanced students are in different classes. That means that everything we work on in a beginner’s class is directed just at your ability and needs.


We have four sets of beginning classes separated by age. Beginning Super Kids for ages 5 and 6. Beginning Kids for ages 7 and up. And Beginning teens for ages 12 and up. Lastly Beginning Adults.


We love what we do and everything is focused on our student needs. Beginning karate is very easy and we have graduated expectations as you advanced. 


Leadership Team
Leadership Team is only about 2% of our total class enrollment. These people are what we call "The Best of the Best" they take a 16 hour class on how to teach martial arts and also come to a class every week on Wednesdays just to practice teaching under the instructions of Sensei Pollman, Sensei April Clayton, and Sensei Keefer Royalty. This class is by invitation only and it is tuition free.
Jacob Fast.jpg

Jacob Fast

Jacob Fast is 22 years old and is currently attending SWOSU majoring in Engineering technology He take karate and plays many video games. He has been in karate for over twelve years and is a 2nd degree black belt. He loves sushi. His favorite holiday is Christmas because he gets to see family and love eggnog. He has been on the leadership team for over four years. He has three dogs that he loves a lot.

Colten Adams.jpg

Colten Adams

Colten Adams is  23 years old and a South Western Oklahoma State University graduate with a degree in Parks and Recreation Management. He started karate in January of 2008.He now enjoys helping with classes and guiding others to find their own passion for Martial Arts. Colten is an avid outdoors-man and loves spending time outside doing things like skiing, rafting, backpacking, and mountain climbing.

Emily DeVaughan (2).JPG

Emily DeVaughan

Emily DeVaughan has been taking karate for three years. She has three brothers, two of which are in karate with her. Emily also enjoys practicing and learning traditional forms. Outside of karate, she enjoys participating in plays at Southwest Playhouse. Emily enjoys music immensely. She has been singing for seven years and is in the school choir. She also has been playing the violin for five years.

Desmond Madden.jpg

Desmond Madden

Desmond is 56 years old and has been taking karate for two years. He started karate to improve his health but says that he has gained a lot more than just better health, he has gained new friends. Desmond has a Bachelor's of Science in Engineering Technology, a Master's degree in Art Education, and is currently working on a Masters in Management Marketing. He enjoys doing paint and body work on cars along with 3-D printing and conceptual design engineering. He does all of this while being 5 times past what is considered legally blind.

Doug Chain.JPG

Doug Chain

Doug Chain id 49 years old and has been enrolled in classes for two and a half years.He has participated in two tournaments and multiple demonstrations. He enrolled in karate after watching his son Lucas progress from Super Kids class, and wanted to share the karate experience with him. However, Doug also discovered that the Dojo is his happy place, and loves attending classes and also helping with other classes as part of the SWAT leadership team. He has said that he always learns something from each class, whether he is attending, helping, or just observing.

Sensei Pollman.jpg

Chris Pollman

Chris Pollman is our beloved leader. Known as "Sensei" meaning "Teacher" He started his martial arts career in 1967. He studied Okinawan Karate-Do with Ichiro Takahata. He competed for many years in tournaments in Oklahoma and surrounding states. He is a Board of Director member of Budo-Kai International. Also, of the Joe Lewis Fighting System's Advisory Board.

April Clayton.jpg

April Clayton

April Clayton started karate in 1991 at the age of 16. She has been practicing martial arts for 33 years and in that time, she has competed in kickboxing, cage fighting and tournaments. She has traveled to the west coast working with other martial artists in business. Aprils most enjoyable adventures were traveling to the east coast for many years to work with Joe Lewis Fighting Systems where she earned a black belt in their system. She loves working with children and teens. “Watching others progress and grow as martial artists is the biggest joy in my life.”

Keefer Royalty.jpg

Keefer Royalty

Keefer Royalty has taken karate here since 2002. He started when he was five years old and has kept coming since. He graduated Southwestern Oklahoma State University with honors. He is a 5th degree Black Belt under Chris Pollman and teaches as a full-time instructor. When he is not teaching he is spending time with his wife and two dogs. He enjoys spending time with friends and family and working on his 3-D printed projects.

Grace Rivas.jpg

Gracie Rivas

Gracie Rivas is a Black Belt at our school. She has been in karate since January of 2016.  She is a Sophomore at Clinton Public Schools and enjoys quite a few extracurricular activities. She is a Flutist in the School band, and made Honor Band this last year. When asked what her favorite part of Karate is She said she loves practicing and learning traditional forms.

Ozlo Jones.jpg

Ozlo Jones

Ozlo Jones has been taking karate here since he was six years old. Ozlo has a brother, a dog , and four cats that he says are "the best!". He is a Flutist in the Weatherford public School Band. Ozlo Says his favorite thing to do in class is ground fight.

Nathan DeVaughan.jpg

Nathan DeVaughan

Nathan DeVaughan is a Black Belt and has been taking karate for six years. He enjoys assisting with the Black Belt Club Advanced Juniors class once a week. Nathan won 1st place in Men's Adult Black Belt sparring at the Rumble on the Plains Tournament in June of 2023. He is a Junior at Weatherford Public Schools and enjoys Choir, participating in plays at Southwest Playhouse, and Academics. His favorite techniques to practice in class are kicks of any kind, and he greatly enjoys point fighting.

Victoria Stein.jpg

Victoria Stein

Victorian started Karate about five years ago when she was nine years old. Since then she has aquired new skills, a stack of broken boards, new friends, a theme song, and her very own Junior Black Belt. her Favorite parts of martial arts are the kickboxing and ground fighting aspects. She enjoys card games, as well as most forms of art which include drawing, writing, and composing.

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