According to the report, titled “Unhealthy and Unprepared,” an estimated 71% of all young people in the U.S. between the ages of 17 and 24 do not qualify for military service. Obesity disqualifies about 31% of youth, the report specified.

The Rubyouat by Ormar Kiamm

"Once the moving hand has writ it moves on. All your piety, with and all your tears will not change one word of it. But you are the author of your life from this moment on."

The Power of Choice

A study was done to see how fast the human mind can process information. It came out to 72,000 images a minute. Whatever you focus on happens to you. Your mind does not know the difference between fantasy and reality….so you can tell it anything you want it to believe. And it will believe it. You can control your thoughts just like you can control your arm or leg. Use wisely your power of choice.

A Rising Tide

We can never be successful alone. We are only successful when all people on our team are working in harmony. This ties back to a rising tide raises all ship. Martial Artists know they may fight alone but they get better together. We don't shake hands when we see each other, we hug.

What is an Attitude?

It is a habit of thought: An outer expression of inner feelings communicated to someone else so they can tell weather you are a winner or a looser even before you open your mouth. At the end of our class the instructor yells Black Belt everyone yells back Attitude! The instructor yells back Attitude and the class yells Black Belt. We take our positive attitude with us out of the Academy.

Principle of the slight Edge states:

Principle of the slight Edge states: You don't have to beat someone by very much just a little bit. The difference between those doing a good job and those doing an exceptional job is a fine line. The difference in a 350 batter and a 250 batter is one hit every 10 times at bat.

Doing a Superior Job

If a person is not doing a superior job it is because of one of two reasons. #1 They don't know how. This is a training problem. #2 They don't want to. This is an attitude problem.

Top 3%er's

I learned this many years ago from a man named Jos. J Charbonneau. The top 3%er's in performance have these attributes. Avid writers Notes on everything Redesigning everything Write what kind of person they want to be and are going to do. Personal mission statements List Always trying new things. Would rather try something and drop it rather than not try it. Willing to make mistakes.

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