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Feeling Stressed?

We all go through stress to some extent in our lifetime. we also get advice on handling stress, especially from very well-meaning friends. Especially when they are not under stress at the time. I know there have been times in my own life where the stress was unbelievable.

It was not until recently that I made a simple breakthrough in dealing with stress. It changed things for me very quickly. I started to understand more about handling stress when I learned why stress happens. Stress happens when demand exceeds capacity.

Just as a car engine can only work up to but not exceed its capacity to work, so too is our own psyche. Once the demand for us exceeds our capacity to handle it, we fly apart just like that car engine. We may not end up in pieces on the ground like an over-revved motor, but we break down just the same. We may lash out at people. Even the ones we love. We may become physically ill and mentally depressed. Even suicide is often caused by ones inability to deal with one overwhelming issue. The sad thing is that it may be only that one issue the person can not handle and not all issues that face the same individual over time. It becomes a permanent solution to a temporary problem.

Understanding the why is only halfway to dealing with stress. The question remains. What do we do about it? For me, it is a two-part answer. First is, if possible leave the location of the stress. T his alone reduces the stress. The second is to somehow shift the mindset. Managing emotions means learning what to do. And that "what to do" is to choose one thing that you can do that will have the biggest impact on what you are dealing with. Then do that one thing. Successfully finishing one thing gives you a sense of accomplishment. Success leads to more success. Rest and then move on to the next one thing and do it. Learn to lead yourself.


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