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How Karate is Different from Other Activities

The most significant difference between martial arts and other sports is martial arts do not have a season. Most sports leave a limited season. The coach's ability to keep his job depends on how well you perform for a few months. Then the activity is over. You have no coach until the following season.

A karate instructor focused on your personal growth and success over many years. They can push you when you need it or let you grow at your own pace. The timeline is so different between karate and other sports. Many black belts are still practicing into their sixties and seventies.

Another difference is karate instills a lifelong desire for self-improvement in all aspects of your life, especially in other sports. It is the perfect cross-training activity because you practice your martial arts all year round. Scott "Conan" Mincey calls it being in 6 round shape. It means you are always ready for a six-round fight.

My workouts include reading career-oriented books. I also write after my workouts. One practice tied to my routine that helps me keep productive is planning my next day at the end of my workday in writing. The success you learn from attending class sets you up for success. It is the structure of activity that teaches you how goals are accomplished. Building a positive habit in one thing leads us to a positive pattern in another.

My instructor once told me he did not want to teach dummies. He wanted his students to be intelligent, thoughtful, and kind. My goal is to surround myself with the same kind of people and listen to them. The better they are, the better we are. A rising tide raises all ships.


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