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Welcome to our Karate Academy. I think the thing parents like most about our program is discipline. Especially “self-discipline". Because what we teach works it is important that students learn the responsibility that goes along with learning martial arts. Another aspect of our school is the safe learning environment. Since classes are age and ability specific everyone is working only with other student at the same level as themselves. Come join us. There are no contracts to sign and we offer a 30 day money back guarantee so you have no worries about your decision to join.

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Studio Code: 1805
1805 East Main-REAR Weatherford OK 73096
Tel: 580-772-4650
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Event Times
Karate Closed for 4th of July
All Day
Karate Closed so instructors can travel to Support Sensei in his US Martial Arts Hall of Fame induction!
All Day
Karate Photo Day!
9:00 AM - 4:00 PM
Beginning Adults Rank Test
7:00 PM
Black Belt Club Kids Rank Test
4:45 PM
Beginning Kids (Orange & Green Belts) Rank Test
5:30 PM
Black Belt Club Jr. Intermediate Rank Test
6:15 PM
Black Belt Club Sr. Intermediate Rank Test
7:00 PM
Beginning Kids (White &Gold) Rank Test
4:00 PM
Black Blet Club Jrs. Advanced
5:30 PM
Black Belt Club Srs. Rank Test
6:15 PM
Black Belts Rank Test
7:00 PM
Halloween Trunk or Treat!
6:30 PM - 7:00 PM

I work on the road. I'm a Brazilian Jiu-jitsu brown belt so I try to get in any kind of training I possibly can while on the road. This school is an absolute gem of a school in a small town in Oklahoma. The instructors are incredibly polished martial artists and the Sensei's knowledge is second to none. It took me watching one round of them sparring to see that they are incredibly proficient in their craft. I have seen very few martial art schools with their level of striking and it took no convincing for me to sign up. They displayed such proficiency and diversity in their head movement, footwork, and their combinations that it is incredibly obvious that they are knowledgeable in MANY art forms. I absolutely cannot wait to get back to Oklahoma to train with these guys! The hospitality I experienced is second to none and they absolutely made me feel at home as soon as I walked in. The entire school came to shake my hand and introduce themselves. Manners and character that any coach or Sensei would proud of. No ego, all humility and kindness. As a pure grappler I very much look forward to soaking up what they have to teach me and rounding off my own game. - Brady Baitz

My whole family for a number of years attended Chris Pollman Karate Academy. My daughters both earned their Junior Black Belt while attending. My wife and I both earned our first-degree Black Belt during our time there. It is a place that is devoted to proper techniques in a wide variety of areas. Sensei Pollman and Sensei Clayton both have a tremendous background in Martial Arts. They are family oriented but yet hold high expectations of all students from beginners to the more experienced students. The traditional parts of the GoJu-Ryu the Katas are taught. Ground fighting, weapons, mixed martial arts sparring, putting you in real world stressful situations involving people you don't know. It would be very difficult to find a Dojo that addressed so much. All of my family feels we are better off, and I especially feel better knowing my wife and daughters have had to stand toe to toe with someone and defend themselves multiple times while at Chris Pollman Karate Academy. I highly recommend it to all kids as well as their parents! It truly is a life changing experience! - S.Koper

Yes! I routinely recommend martial arts to my patients, especially the ones who don't like team sports or feel like they aren't "naturally athletic", or struggle with self-confidence, anxiety, or just "not fitting in". - Dr. Sarah Hartnett

The instructors at Chris Pollman Karate are excellent and provide a learner friendly environment suitable to male and female students who want to learn. If you want to experience a wide base of carefully planned instruction with qualified teachers and a strong traditional element, this is the place. The instructors are friendly, sensible, informed and take an active interest in each student. - Dan

I am a 5-2 Kickboxer and a 6-2 MMA fighter. Also, I have earned my 3rd degree black belt here. This is a great facility with great options and potential to grow as a fighter and person. This is a great family establishment. If they ever came across something they didn't know or had questions about they would, within a month, be off on a trip to a seminar to learn and study and bring back to the school together. Rising tide rises all ships. The Sensei has great knowledge and experience with karate and has many connections to promoters locally and across multiple states. Multiple times we trained with UFC fighters, Gracie jujitsu black belts, Machado jujitsu black belts, and a 7-time Champion American Kickboxer who trains his own champions who also help with training. All around a great place to learn and gain a new family. - G

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