Our Timeline

One of the differences in our program and other "sports" is length of the timeline we spend with you. I and my staff look to spend a number of years developing you into a wonderful confidant person. We don't have a short season to make you good at something. Our job is not on the chopping block based on how you do in the next 8 weeks. We are here everyday with a great plan to help you improve no matter what your ability is now.

Discipline at Our Dojo

What parents like best about our program is our discipline is self-discipline. Instead of always reacting to poor behavior we set our students up for success. That way we give positive attention to good behavior instead of always punishing poor behavior.

Black Belt Club Kids 2018

We have a rank test every two months. We do a rotating curriculum. This two months was down fighting. By having the same subject for two months you have enough time at it to become dramatically better. Our next two months is on Traditional rank requirement in goju-ryu and kickboxing.

Parental Appreciation

Everyone is gone home from the dojo now. As I do every night I'm filling out my schedule of things to do over the weekend and Monday. I just received this message from one of the parents. It really made me feel good. "I really appreciate you and your team sir. Having my son in your school is one of the best decisions I have ever made for him as a father. You are all truly family."

Our Beginner System

Confidence is built on successes. So it is easy to teach confidence, just start with small attainable goals. That is why we set aside two hours every week to teach only beginners. That way there are no hot shot advanced student in class blowing you out of the water. There are only other beginners like you setting attainable goals. We love beginners it is where we get our future black belt from.

Our Guiding Mission

Our guiding mission at our Academy is our commitment to our students. Our work changes lives and leads to positive change across our nation and even the world. We have Black Belts in the military, police, fire department and First Responders. Almost 50 years now of helping people find and do what they want in life. Relationships going back half a century.

Guiding Principles

Our Guiding Principles are listed and taught to our Leadership Team. Black Belts have a shared experience with each other. We are driven to have other folks enjoy and learn what we did on our own Martial Arts journey. Black Belt is a metaphor for personal development. So our Guiding Principles are how we share and teach Karate. 1. We only teach awesome high energy classes. 2. What we teach works and has real value. I'll share others tomorrow.

Guiding Principles (continued)

Our guiding principles (continued) Great Classes make for Great Fun! All of our instructors are available to everyone. Only trained instructors are teaching. We teach one subject for two months. All Rank test are FREE. Great Student Service is the core of our Martial Arts. If you are struggling or had to miss some classes we have free private lessons.

Guiding Principles

Guilding Principles We know everything depends on student satisfaction. If they are not happy we are not happy. To this end we consistently go to what ever length we need to for our students and parents.

New Self Defense Class!

I am teaching a 5 week self-defense class. It starts Nov. 5th. Email me at cpollman@htswireless and I will send you more information. 6 p.m. on Monday and Thursday.

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