Goal setting

By the yard it's hard by the inch it's a cinch. Every large project or goal can seem overwhelming. That is because we look at all there is to do. But break it down into smaller goals that lead to the end result and it gets a lot easier. As I ask the students in class. "How do you eat an elephant?" They all respond… One bite at a time.


"People with goals succeed because they know where they are going." - Earl Nightingale My wife and I knew when we first were dating that the only helping hand we would get was at the end of our own arms. Two weeks after me meant we started a joint savings account. I still have the passbooks from that account some 50 years later. The amounts were small. Some less then a dollar. It was not the amounts it was the discipline that was important. You have to set the discipline when the amount are small. If you wait till the amount are large it is still not going to happen. Other "things" are now keeping you from the discipline.


"Alone we can do little. Together we can do so much." - Helen Keller Today after a week at a seminar in Rhode Island, I just spent an hour and a half going over notes that April, our head instructor and I took. Looked at videos we took and rewrote notes including things we missed writing down while there. I was really impressed by what April saw that I missed. And I am sure I had some observations that she missed. Together we had a much larger take away.


To better one life is to better the world. - Alan Shaw Feinstein I remember when in the 60's and early 70's karate was taught as a process of elimination. Instructors tried to run people off and then make black belts out of what was left. A new class of beginners started and the process continued. Now we try to empower each student and help them become all they can. Starting with belief in themselves. And a can do attitude. Even bits of leadership is taught. After all everyone is a leader and the most important one you are leading is yourself.


"Success is not the key to happiness. Happiness is the key to success. If you love what you are doing, you will be successful." - Albert Schweitzer: German-French theologian, philosopher, physician It is not the things you have. It is the experiences you give yourself. Don't go with the easy crowd. Go where things are challenging. You have many doors available to you in life. You must try to unlock and open the experiences within to find what you desire most. In my office for many years. I have a picture of a very nondescript door. Under it is a poem. THE DOOR TO THE KINGDOM It's a paradox. The answer to living. Happy, joyous and free. Is made to look like The worst possible choice. It

Efficient and Effective

Efficiency is staying busy with no idle moments. Effective is getting the maxim results with the minimum effort. A young 2nd Lieutenant was ordered to climb a mountain in Vietnam by way of a valley. It was dense jungle to the new position. He had two men in front with machete's chopping away the undergrowth, two behind resting and two behind them sharpening more machetes. The rest of his unit was taking turns moving forward doing all these jobs. So efficient. His commander radioed to see how he was doing. Of course the answer fantastic. Later the commander was checking on the operation from a helicopter radioed him again. "Your going up the wrong valley." Not very Effective. True story. We

Belief Systems

"All personal breakthroughs begin with a change in beliefs." - Anthony Robbins You must hear something 6 times before it goes into your belief system 1st time - You disregard it. 2nd time - You say that’s Ok for you but I don't agree. 3rd time - You say that is pretty much the way I've been thinking all my life. 4th time- Those are terrific idea's I'm going to start using them. 5th time- I'm going to start using them 6th time- Well I taught you that.

Guiding Principles

Why fighting is part of our curriculum. It is a lot easier to walk away from a fight with your head up when you know the outcome will be in your favor.

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