What Black Belt Means to Me

When I think of what Black Belt means to me, I think of how far I have come since I first stepped into the dojo. I think of the people that have been there with me since the beginning and those who have joined along the way. I think of the work that has been put into the goal of achieving Black Belt, but I see it as only the beginning. To me it is a commitment to continue in martial arts, not only to improve my fighting abilities, but to expand upon how to be a better leader and to mature along the way. Black Belt is only a checkpoint in my career and there is still much more to do. It takes determination to make it to Black Belt and even more to go beyond. Karate has changed my life, gave m

What Black Belt Means to Me

When I started karate at six years old, a Black Belt seemed like a distant, hazy idea. Surely, it was something I would not achieve for quite a long time coming. So, until recently, it was never given much thought. Truly, without support, I would not be here now. My family, friends, and especially my instructors are why I can write this. I owe much of my success to my mother and father, for the time and effort they have dedicated to my journey. They’ve been there to watch me climb my mountains, and when I’ve slipped, they’ve helped me find my footing again. A Black Belt to me—and I’m sure to many Black Belts this is true—is more than just a title. The belt is only an object. It may say on th

What my Black Belt Means to me

What my Black Belt means to me. It means all my achievements so far in my karate career; that I have not given up after all my time being here. Sometimes It was challenging, but I persevered. We all did. We stayed and kept going no matter what and, in my eyes, the journey is just now beginning. My Black Belt means that my journey has just begun, and it’s a long trip to the destination. What may happen along the road? I don’t know. What I do know is that whatever happens, it’ll all be worth it till the end. My Black Belt means that I can overcome the challenges that I may face in the future. And I know that I will not be alone when those challenges come. Because we are family. We help each ot

What Being a Black Belt Means to Me

When I first joined karate at 11 years old, the thought of becoming a Black Belt never even occurred to me. I thought I would learn some cool tricks to show my friends. Now I realize that being a Black Belt is much more than a bunch of fancy moves. Some people think that karate is a way of life. They might be right, or have their own opinions, but to me karate is not a way of life, it is a part of life. I’m at the dojo four days a week and it feels like home. I couldn’t imagine what life would be like without karate, and now that I am testing for my Black Belt, it feels even more like home. Part of being a Black Belt means you must be mentally and physically prepared. You also have to have l

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