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Focus your Eyes, Focus your Mind, and Focus your Body.

At our Academy, you will hear this over and over. Focus your eyes, focus your mind and focus your body. We call it the three rules of concentration. These three simple steps are the beginnings of developing Self-Esteem.

Focusing the eyes means looking at people in the Eye. Eye contact exhibits confidence and tells people that they have your attention.

And paying attention is focusing your mind. If you’re working on math, you cannot be thinking about baseball. You have to bring the mind to bear on what you are doing. Of course, there are times when the mind wants to wander, but you take a breath and come back to the task at hand.

Focusing your body is all about sitting up straight. You might be able to recline playing a video game or watching TV for entertainment, but when it is time to listen in class, focusing your body is essential because eye contact and body position are tied to emotions and thought. A focused body position signals it is time to pay attention.

Success breeds confidence and self-confidence builds self-esteem.


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