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Chris Pollman's United States Martial Arts Hall of Fame Induction

United States Martial Arts Hall of Fame

Professor John L. Terry, III – President




On Saturday, July 22, 2023, Chris J. Pollman was inducted into the United States Martial Arts Hall of Fame with the "Lifetime Achievement Award."

The event, held at the Hilton Marriott Westchase, culminated in a week long celebration of the martial arts. The Black-tie affair was attended by over 400 guests, where the Class of 2023 was welcomed into the elite fraternity of martial arts schools and instructors as inductees.


After returning from military basic training in 1968, Chris attended college in Weatherford, Oklahoma, while serving in the Oklahoma National Guard. Along with Steve O'Neal, he helped open the first martial arts school in Weatherford, OK. Mr. Pollman studied Okinawan Karate with Ichiro Takahata in Oklahoma City. Ichiro was a black belt graduate of Master Toguchi of Naha, Okinawa. Master Toguchi was a senior student of Chojun Miyagi.

Chris attended Karate College at Radford University in Radford, Virginia, for 11 years each summer. He has been honored to study with the "Master's" of the martial arts, including Scott "Conan" Mincey, Joe Lewis, Bill Wallace, Dr. Jerry Beasley, Tony Georgiades Benny the Jet, Mike Dillard, and Tom Haggerty.

In 1988 Mr. Pollman was the Oklahoma State Heavyweight Champion and won the Oklahoma State Games. That same year he was a quarter-finalist at the National Championships.

Board of Directors Oklahoma Restaurant Association – Ret.

Board of Directors Oklahoma Route 66 Association – Ret.

Board of Directors Oklahoma Karate Association – Ret.

Joe Lewis Fighting Systems Senior Advisory Board

Licensed Professional Referee.

National Rifle Association Pistol Instructor.

T-CAT Instructor. (Gun fighting adrenal stress)

Search and Recovery Diver

Snow Ski Instructor Southwestern Oklahoma State University.

Rope Course Instructor SWOSU

Scuba Instructor

Sailing & Canoe Instructor SWOSU

Lifetime Member National Rifle Association.

Vice President of Budo Kai International

United States Martial Arts Hall of Fame

Sponsored by the International Martial Arts Council of America, the mission of the United State Martial Arts Hall of Fame is to recognize those martial artists that have made a profound difference. Unlike other Hall of Fame events that have followed us, the USMAHOF does not limit its inductees to celebrities and movie stars. Their goal is to serve the fundamental martial art community, honoring all people who dedicate themselves to excellence, both the well-known and hidden treasures that never see the limelight.

The USMAHOF celebration is a black-tie event during which the inductees' accomplishments are presented to the entire audience. After a world-class meal, each inductee is highlighted and individually honored by being brought on stage and presented with the USMAHOF achievement plaque. The event is enjoyed as a social event as well. Martial artists from around the U.S. and the world can visit as peers.

It is a time when special people are recognized, camaraderie is enjoyed, and the Martial Arts are celebrated.

The Hall of Fame event is a time when lifelong friends are made.


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