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A Rising Tide Raises All Ships

The great Joe Lewis was a friend and mentor. He talked about schools that had students that were jealous of each other. Joe told me that he loved having fellow students bigger or faster than him. He felt that a strong stable of students helped him and everyone else in competition at tournaments. If someone said that guy you are going to fight was fast, Joe would tell, you think that guy is fast, you should see this guy Bill Wallace. Now he is fast.

We believe that, just as all ships in a harbor are lifted by a rising tide, each of us are lifted by the success of our fellow students. We celebrate each other's success. We know that as each of us gets better, we have a better training partner.

Jim Rohn said, "Instead of I'll scratch your back and you scratch my back." We should say, "you take care of you, for me, and I'll take care of me for you." That way, we both bring more to the table, more to the partnership.


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