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How our Belt Rank System Works

At our Academy, we don’t pre-qualify students. We accept all new students in our beginning kids’ class. Our Beginning Adult Class is organized the same but at a different class time. There are no advanced students in the class, only beginning kids who have never taken karate before. The class meets two times a week for 45 minutes.

We have leadership drills in every class. We teach partner training to instill helping each other to become better. We also want the new student to know that what we teach works, so there is a responsibility that goes along with learning karate. We have a rank test every month in class just to be sure that if you are ready to promote, we will see that and give you your promotion. We want to be sure that no one falls through the cracks and does not get promoted when ready. We do not charge for any rank tests or promotions.

There are three belt levels in our beginning kids’ class, White, Gold, and Orange. We teach a rotating curriculum with a graduated expectation at each rotation and each colored belt level. It is not so much a pass fail as it is moving up when you are ready. Rather than being pushed by some particular time frame like a semester, you can work everything into your schedule. School functions, other sports and family events, and vacations don’t put you behind. That is why martial arts are such a tremendous cross-training activity. We go year-round so you are always staying active.

Self Defense and kickboxing are introduced in the class first. Safety gear is required for everyone after a few months. In the beginning classes all sparring is done with a coach holding mitts or pads. Eventually, students can hold pads for each other. How to do that is also taught. More of that “partner training.” Safety is paramount in our program. We have padding on the floor and with both students working with foam padding on their bodies it is hard for them to hurt each other.

By the time the child (or adult) has earned the orange belt and has or is getting ready for a green belt test, we can upgrade to Black Belt Club. BBC is the beginning of our Intermediate program. It meets three times a week, and expectations are a little higher. There are still no beginning students in the intermediate and advanced programs.


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