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What my Black Belt Means to me

What my Black Belt means to me. It means all my achievements so far in my karate career; that I have not given up after all my time being here. Sometimes It was challenging, but I persevered. We all did. We stayed and kept going no matter what and, in my eyes, the journey is just now beginning. My Black Belt means that my journey has just begun, and it’s a long trip to the destination. What may happen along the road? I don’t know. What I do know is that whatever happens, it’ll all be worth it till the end. My Black Belt means that I can overcome the challenges that I may face in the future. And I know that I will not be alone when those challenges come. Because we are family. We help each other through the challenges we face. We help each other to achieve a common goal; that is to fully understand what a Black Belt means to you. To persevere We persevere through everything to achieve getting a Black Belt.

I would have never been able to achieve this without the help of everyone around me. I am truly grateful for the support. I hope that I will be able to help everyone else achieve that goal just as they were able to help me. My Black Belt means that I will fully be able to help while still exploring everything myself. My Black Belt means that I will have o work many times harder than I ever have. I will do my best to hold that standard. Because I know that they only deserve the best from me, after all you have helped me with.

My Black Belt means everything to me. It represents my achievements, challenges, and everything I have strived for all these years. I could not have asked for a better group of friends to be with and make memories with. I truly am thankful for everything everyone has done for me. I can not say it enough in a single lifetime. I hope everyone earns what they deserve in this class. I hope that we make even more memories together. That is what my Black Belt means to me, and that is the truth.

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