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More on Mediocrity

Last time we visited about getting rid of the anchors in your life. Just go ahead and delete them on Facebook. In your business or organization. Just fire them already. They are the 27% that are never satisfied. You are helping them to find a place that they like and can do better in. The sooner the better.

We have the 10 percent on a mission. They read the manual the minute there is a problem to find a solution. The 3 per cent folks have fixed the problem while the 10 per cent people are reading the manual. These are all great folks.

Now how to move some of the 60 percenters into the 10% group.

First and foremost is training and team building. A good way to start is find 5 or 6 out of every 100 to start with.

You need a plan. That means you are going to have to discover what the 10 percent are doing that the 60 percent is not. Once you have that write a manual and start the lessons. First an all day seminar and then weekly classes. The weekly classes need be only an hour. At our school we call it a leadership team. First and foremost make sure they are having fun. People learn faster when they are having fun. The last line in a multinational company I know of here in Oklahoma says. "It is OK to have fun."

To learn you can use Experience but it is a very poor teacher. Better is match up folks with a Mentor. Study the Masters. Go to outside seminars. Of course the lessons taught in that weekly class.

Stand up, look up and speak up.

Public Speaking is a good start. Start easy with something they know and to the small group they are learning with. Never let this group practice on your employees or students. That work comes much much later and then only in small 5 minute time slots that grow over time.

Role Playing

Put the group in a learning situation where they work as a group with each other. Groups of three are perfect. One talks to and instructs the other two. Then rotate with the same information.

People normally only do things to satisfy their own motives… In most cases they don't care about you. (97 percent of the people) You have to determine that you are going to be in the other 3 percent. You are going to make it happen for others. In Omar Kiamm's The Rubyouat he says. "once the moving hand has writ it moves on. All you piety, with and all your tears will not change one word of it. But you are the author of your life from this moment on."

Keep giving and giving and giving. You don't look for a return somewhere specific. The law of Reciprocity will bring it back to you in unexpected places and ways.

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