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Moving Above Mediocrity

You do well to share what you know. The Law of Compensation state that you will be paid in like. Caution: Don't expect it from a certain person.

Characteristic of a ten leader. Think of someone you admire. For me it was my Dad.

He worked long hours.

His word was everything.

He gave lots of time to us kids.

He was liked by everyone.

He gave back to the community.

A ten is a person that is not the best that will ever be but what they have inside them they give 100% to each area of there life that is important to them.

I think all of us come out of the baby factory a 10. Mom and Dad gave us acceptance if we behave correctly. The preacher gave us acceptance if we behave. If we went to hell. At school we get a piece of cardboard that says rather we are a winner or a looser. All of these decisions are based on someone else's opinion. I say never look to another human being for your value. Your mind will never judge or sort commands.

As a leader you must be sensitive to others needs and be the need one to satisfy those needs. And everyone's number one need is recognition. Servant Leadership.

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