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14 Reasons to Start Martial Arts Lessons Now

14 Reasons to Start Martial Arts Lessons Now

  • There is a lot of chaos out in the world right now. Starting an ongoing program now is a very calming and positive way to counter all the screaming at each other the media and news has you believing. Our classes have none of those things. Just people working together to become better. It is nice to have someplace to go that is positive every time you go.

  • The world and our country is becoming more violent. In our classes we learn not only self-defense, but how to avoid being drawn into confrontation. If necessary what we teach can get you out of a tough situation, because what we teach works.

  • We are the friendliest place in town.

  • When you work out regularly, you become healthier, healthier people fight off disease better.

  • Regular exercise makes you sleep better and have more energy.

  • You have done a lot of good things for other people. Do something for yourself. You probably wanted to do martial arts all your life. Now is the time.

  • Having a structured class where your classmates are expecting you helps make it easier to be become accountable to show up.

  • Most likely you come home and veg out in front of the TV until bedtime every night. This is not living your best life. Be brave enough to try something new.

  • In a world of high Tech get some high touch social interaction with like-minded people.

  • Our classes are fun and safe.

  • We only have beginning adults in the beginning adults class. No kids, no advanced students. Just beginning adults.

  • Learn a real skill while getting in shape. You don’t need to be in shape to start. It is all part of the program. It is taught at an easy level.

  • Regain that sense of balance and coordination you may have lost over time.

  • Make a better, happier you.

Call Chris at 580-772-4650 to schedule your free lesson.

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